Welcome to the HBWI blog

And it’s about time, too! This blog is still under construction, but soon it will be full of information for members and non-members alike. We’ll be adding regular meeting and group updates, pictures galore, and lots of cool links and event information and whatnot. Don’t forget to also check the WI Links to keep up to date with other WI events and groups.

We’re only two months old, but we already have 60 members. Whoa! Amy, our faithful leader, is working hard to find a local venue large enough to accommodate the group.

We’ve had two fabulous meetings so far, the first of which was a cocktail making workshop at Moyles (photos by Sarah Mason).

Apo, the charming general manager of Moyles, taught us how to make a Mojito, a Cosmopolitan, and a special Moyles Iced Tea Punch. Afterwards, we all got to try one of the delicious cocktails for free and had a great time shmoozing around the bar.

Apo having a drink with Amy Leader, founder and president of the Hebden Bridge WI.

On the left is Caroline, the treasurer. On the right is Erin, the secretary.

We’ve had many suggestions for smaller groups, which are just starting to form. We’ll provide regular updates on these so all HBWI members have a chance to join. So far we have a book group, a film group, a theatre group, a gardening group, and a coffee group.
We’ve also started swapping things!
  • Bring leftover seeds to a meeting and swap them for something you can use. 
  • Dig out some unwanted clothes to donate, or drop them into Ribbon Circus between meetings.  Members can purchase clothes for £1 per item, and the money will go to fund our WI events. 
  • Have a useful skill to swap? Bartering is a wonderful way to exchange without money. You can jot down your skills at a meeting and see if anyone is interested in trading.
So check back now and then to see what good stuff we’ve added to the blog, and if you haven’t been to a meeting yet, please come along!

Written and posted by Erin