September meeting update

For many of us a lovely cuppa (or three) is crucial to happily getting on with our day. Obviously, tea paired with cake enables us to get on even more happily. September’s meeting managed to combine both these delights with a talk from Hebden Tea and our usual refeshments.

Okan from Hebden Tea, despite his nerves, delivered an excellent talk about tea (obviously). He introduced black, green and white teas and explained the differences. He spoke about the best way to prepare the different teas including temperature, brewing time, milk or not to milk and what equipment to use. We learnt that loose tea is preferable to teabags, milk should be added to the cup last and that ball shaped tea holders are rubbish, a larger diffuser is better as the flavours can infuse more easily. Okan answered everyone’s tea based queries and we all now know how to make the perfect cuppa.

Okan and his assistant Jacob prepared several teas for us to try. We used tiny beakers like shot glasses and we were instructed to sniff the tea, taste and swill it around the mouth. It was much like wine tasting only with less spitting and no danger of drunken behaviour. The loose versions of the teas were available to sniff. The teas included a black tea, a banana based fruit tea, jasmine tea as an example of green tea and a liquorice tea which was surprisingly delicious. The favourites seemed to be Okan’s version of Lady Grey, AKA Lady Hebden and an antistrain tea which was soothing and balancing.

Okan bought along packets of all the teas that were sampled and several members bought some of their new favourites. We are grateful to Hebden Tea for donating 20% of their takings from this to our WI funds.

The next meeting is on Monday 17th October at Hope Baptist church. The meeting begins at 7.30pm but please come along early if you are joining up as a member.
Our collection of toiletries for local women’s charities is coming on well. We are collecting conditioner in the October meeting so please bring a bottle if you can.
Written and posted by Kate-Em