November meeting update

This meeting required everyone to make a big decision right at the start. As a WI member, how did they rate their sewing skills? Whilst many members can sew to a high standard, others where happy to admit that they could not sew on a button. Once a decision was reached, three groups formed and the sewing began.

Helen ran the group for beginners. Under her guidance they learnt how to sew on the aforementioned button and how to carry out simple repairs. Everyone was very pleased to have made a start on improving their sewing skills.

Intermediate sewers were looked after by Bridget and Sue. They catered for those with basic skills who still wanted guidance. Most people in this group concentrated on patchwork and applique and some lovely work was produced.

The final group of independent sewers worked on producing pennants which will be presented to Olympic athletes. Despite a long list of banned phrases and images this crafty group soon came up with ideas with which to embellish their pennants. Pictures are on the way.

Written and posted by Kate-Em