Art lovers make it to The Hepworth

It’s been a long time coming, but the art lovers group made it on their first group excursion yesterday.

Well, I say it’s the first because I’m not mentioning the trip to Bankfield Museum where I was the only one who turned up.  I ended up spending a lovely time in their library teaching a Chinese family who couldn’t speak English how to knit.  That was a splendid afternoon, but I’m not talking about it.  Moving on.

People’s art greets you on entry

We travelled to Wakefield on a glorious day and enjoyed object theatre from Heather and Ivan Morison without the theatre (so I guess that makes it just objects), post-apocalytic science fiction films from Ben Rivers, and Arts & Crafts inspired artisanal boxes by David Thorpe.

The really gripping stuff was the museum’s permanent collection containing pieces by Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson.  It’s worth a visit just for two rooms; one with Hepworth’s tools and incomplete work from her second workshop and another containing full size working models.  Don’t miss the video of Hepworth at work, it’s fascinating.

And here’s the inspirational bit:

The Black Cloud by Heather and Ivan Morison

At the rear of the building is The Black Cloud created by Heather and Ivan Morison for the opening of The Hepworth.  The museum is inviting people to use this space in interesting and unusual ways.  If you have an idea for The Black Cloud, check The Hepworth’s website to make an application.

Written and posted by Amy