Cheese Please

Sandra and Karl from Pextenement Cheese

We were absolutely thrilled to welcome Sandra and Karl from Pextenement Cheese to our meeting last night.  They told us about the history of Pextenement Farm in Eastwood, just 3 miles from our meeting and carefully explained the different processes for making their cheeses.  Their hard work and dedication to their business shone through and we were delighted to be given an opportunity to have a taste test of their full range.

The range of cheeses
Devils Blue Rock is similar to Stilton
Pike’s Delight is a delicious hard cheese
Pexommier is similar to Camembert
East Lee, Pextenement’s soft cheese is available with or without garlic

Knowing their is such a passionate food producer so close to us who produces such wonderful cheeses is so exciting.  We’ve offered to be their guinea pigs if they need any taaste testers for new ranges.  Let’s hope they take us up on our offer.

We wiped them out of cheese
Getting stuck in to cheese


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