A fine selection of gin for the Hebden Bridge WI.

We were blessed on Monday night with a delivery of Gin from Joe at Pennine Cheese & Wine in Hebden Bridge.  Joe ran through the history of the spirit before letting us loose and giving us a blind taste test.  He’d chosen four Gins for us to try; Fifty Pounds from London, Cold River and Aviation from the US, and Zuidam from The Netherlands.

Joe from Pennine Cheese & Wine talks through the history of Gin.

Even as a fan of Gin I was skeptical as to how much difference there would be between the four options, but would you believe it, the taste, clarity and strength of the different varieties was evident.  After tasting and making sure we had the captured the essence of each of them (this sometimes required having more than one mouthful) we were able to start arguing as to which we thought was the best.

Generally speaking the Fifty Pounds and Zuidam were the overwhelming favourites, but of course there were those that disagreed and blagged an extra shot of the Cold River or Aviation before heading out into the cold to walk home.

Written and posted by Amy