Book Group

In January 7 members of the book group met up with piles and piles of books between the, as it had been two months since the last meeting. Jen took away 5 books in the end with lots left on the table that she would like to read, and still had time to write this!

The books that were discussed are the following:

Linda Green ’10 reasons not to fall in love’.  A good read. Linda came to talk to us so we were all keen to read this one and it is based in Hebden and the Valley.

Both Margaret & Sue brought the same book: Lisa Genova “Left Neglected” about a woman’s interesting & difficult medical condition.

Kirsty brought a series of five books set in a Victorian steam punk world by Gail Carriger. She started with one at Christmas and since then has bought & read all five – they must be good.
Jane Gardner’s “the man in the wooden hat” a very engaging story set very much in a previous colonial age. A love story with many twists.
P.D. James’s “Death comes to Pemberley”. Showcased as a sequel to Pride & Prejudice and to make sense of it you do need to be familiar with the story as the characters relationships developed so well in Jane Austens classic are taken for granted in this book. Entertaining but felt it was a little unbelievable and trying to be too clever by half in places. Pride & Prejudice is a classic that we found we all loved, very apt on its two hundredth anniversary today.
Next book group will be Monday 25th February 19.30 White Lion, Hebden Bridge.
Written and posted by Kate-Em