Book Group

March meeting. By Jen.

We met this month in The Old Gate upstairs. It was quite quiet upstairs so we did not disturb anyone.  We can be a bit loud!

Again loads of books either coming back or new to the group.  A huge pile in the middle of the table.

Janine brought back Patrick Gale “Notes from an Exhibition” having struggled with it, although lots of us liked it lots.

A A Gill “is away” brought by Cheryl. Although the author is not that likeable the book was good. Cheryl also returned “Fifty Shades of Grey”, most people who had read some or all of it agreed that it was badly written and not that interesting.

“The behaviour of moths” by Poppy Adams really interesting & different, but recommended.

Katie really disliked “the Sea” by John Banville so much so suggested no one should borrow it as would be a waste of time to read it. She also read “Stonemouth” by Iain Banks which was interesting, readable and quite funny.

Kirsty brought along three zombie books which are also thrillers and full of political intrigue. This will be reviewed next time.

Next meeting Monday 22nd April 19.30 at The Old Gate in Hebden

Written by Jen, posted by Kate-Em