Playing games

Hannah Merriman talks the group through the ideas for the evening

We’re so lucky at the Hebden Bridge WI to be in a town full of creative and talented folk.  The group unashamedly uses it to its utmost advantage and with a bucket full of cheek we ask people to come and play with us… and this month we meant it literally.

Hannah takes us on a journey through games and play

When we originally booked Hannah Merriman for our April session we asked for an evening of after dinner games.  On the night, however, it morphed in to a meeting playing around.  The subsequent laughter and screams could quite possibly be heard through the streets as giggling turned into uncontrolled belly laughter as the evening drew on.

Hannah co-ordinates the amazing Handmade Parade as well as facilitating clowning workshops.  She’s a marvel and we knew she’d deliver and top class night for the WI gang.  We weren’t wrong.

Ghost is played in the dark

Starting with a few warm up games to get us relaxed we were soon catapulted into a game of Ghost and ended up with Desserts and the After Eight Game.  It’s impossible to describe these games, if you want a go, invite Hannah round for some fun.

Fliss in full flow in the After Eight Game

And we have to end like this…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Blimey – Hebden Bridge WI looks like the most different sort of WI ever seen! Wonder what Head Office WI would say about it!! What fun. Lucky you! Think even I would join it if I lived there – but not in my village!!!


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