Book Group

The Book Group meets once a month, the Monday after the WI meeting. We usually meet upstairs at The Old Gate, Hebden Bridge at 19.30.

The meetings usually last about an hour to two hours depending on how much chat goes on, but it is all quite flexible and informal. The group works on a swap system where we bring books recommend, or not for others to take and try. Books are either returned to their owners or taken to Overgate charity shop once finished. There is no need to finish the books by the next meeting, and we have all tried books we would not normally have picked up.









There were eight of us this month with tens of books ranging from murder mysteries (Katie chose a nice murder mystery from her Granny’s hallway, as that is where she keeps them apparently) to biographies including recipes. Lots of very, very different books, of which some we loved and some that we did not like.


Written by Jen, posted by Kate-Em