August: a last minute quiz and book group fun

August’s meeting was a blast.

Unfortunately our planned vintage hair demonstration was cancelled after our demonstrator let us down at the last minute. So it was Google to the rescue – our president downloaded a couple of pub quizzes and we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Many members were away on their holidays, so it was a much more smaller attendance than normal but it certainly wasn’t quiet! We had a night filled with laughter and even some singing fuelled by an insane amount of cake, cream, cheese and crackers. We normally only have three members providing cake but The Great British Bake Off had inspired several extra bakes.

A serious discussion – ‘so just why are there so many darts questions in this quiz?’

A scene of cheesy devastation.

And lots of cake!

We often have cheese at meetings so that our gluten-free members feel included and it’s always popular. Strange as it may sound, not every WI member likes cake but for those who do, there was an ample and delicious choice in August.

The triumphant winners. Team A won both quizzes so it was obviously the table to be on.

This was such a fun meeting and we’ll definitely be doing more quizzes in the future.

Quote of the evening:

Bridget: “Axminster? No, that’s a carpet!”

One visitor said afterwards on Twitter, “You pulled it back brilliantly w quizzes & cake! @HebdenBridgeWI an eve to treasure & remember. Haven’t laughed so much for ages.”

Book group

August also featured our regular monthly book group, which is held in the Old Gate on the fourth Monday of the month at 7.30pm.
As usual, there was a big pile of books, including this very appropriate offering.

And of course, there was tea – there’s always tea when the WI is involved!

Quote of the night came from Katie:

“Any book that’s got orphans on fire throwing themselves out of a window is a bad book!”