Ornamental October

Gosh, October feels like such a long time ago!

So what did we get up to way back then? Well, it was the ever-popular Christmas crafting, which is fast becoming an annual favourite.

Our lovely vice-president Ruth Ainscough organised and chaired this meeting. She also ran one of the four crafting tables. In fact, all four tables were run by members – we love hearing from outside experts but there’s something pretty special about being able to share in the talents of our fabulous members.


At Ruth’s table, we used rolling pins, cutters and various patterned objects like lace to produce flat ornaments from air-drying clay.


This was messy but a lot of fun.


On the second table, Helen Baron from Ribbon Circus (our beloved local haberdashery) repeated her popular button craft. Last year she showed us how to make Christmas trees but this year we had a stab at snowmen.

Grab your buttons and get going!

But some of us couldn’t resist having another go at Christmas trees…


The third table was a popular one. Member Sue Leslie – a talented paper artist – showed us how to make simple but effective ornaments from strips cut from maps and magazines.

A delighted Vanessa shows off her paper ornaments.


We were particularly taken with Sue’s amazing Japanese paper punch, which several of us coveted.


And last but not least, Jen Kaines, our resident milliner, got us playing with felt and thread to make these beautiful stuffed stars.

A special guest

Finally, we had a very special guest this month.

Meet Teddy (aka Theodore), our youngest ever visitor. Yep, mum Rosie is such a keen WI-er that she wasn’t about to miss a meeting just because she’d given birth two weeks earlier. Now that’s dedication!

Well done, Rosie – our creations were fun to make but you definitely win Crafter Of The Month.

What People Thought

Leonie: It was great – loved all the crafts!

Sarah: Great fun!

Sophie: Had a smashing night.

Janet: Really enjoyed the meeting.

Vanessa: I only managed three….but did get carried away with the clay! Great night, thank you all!

Louise: Thank you, talented ladies for sharing your skills with us! It was ace.

Maggie: Great evening – thanks to all.

Join Us!

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