Resume of our Springtime activities

Meetings continued through the Spring via Zoom

In April we were taught how to make a macrame plant holder. We were supplied with a plant pot, the string and a tutorial via Zoom. Most of us ended up with a plant holder at the end of the session!

May was our AGM. No new committee members were elected and Wilma Downs has continued to be our president. We have continued to support Mothershare as our charity for a second year

In June, we heard from Frances Carlaw about pearls. Her fascinating talk was entitled Pearls of Wisdom. She explained so much about how pearls are formed and the difference between, natural, cultured and artificial pearls. She showed us some beautiful examples – via Zoom of course- of different sorts of pearls. There were so many sorts. It was a lovely evening.

Our JUly meeting is going to be held outside so we will be able to meet up as a group for the first time since February 2020!


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