Autumn to Christmas 2022

There was as usual a variety of meetings through the Autumn.

In September Martina Krol came to tell us about the benefits of fermenting foods. She told us about the origins of the method and how to preserve foods. Salting, canning, bottling, drying and freezing are all ways that are used but she explained mostly about Lactic acid fermentation. She explained the benefits of eating fermented foods and gave use the recipe for doing so. The variety of foods that she brought gave us a good insight into how different foods can taste when this method is used. It was a really interesting meeting

In October, being Breast Awareness Month, we had a talk about the Nipple Innovation Project (NIP). This charity was set up to help women and men following mastectomy. A permanent tattoo of a nipple is done after surgery in order to improve the appearance of the chest for those who have had a breast removed. We saw photos of the tattoos following completion and the efforts that were made to match the appearance with the other side was fantastic. Testimonials from people who had had the procedure demonstrated the importance of the work done and the difference it makes to the people who have the tattoos done. It was fantastic and a wonderful charity which would be good to support.

November was crafting, and we made Christmas gnomes using a polystyrene cone, a sock, lots of glue, ribbon and other accessories

December was our Christmas party. We had lovely food and some good games. It was a lot of fun.