Christmas party. December 2019

Our party started with a short history of beer making. Apparently women were the first people to brew beer!  We then learned about the different ingredients that are used and how these can alter the taste of the beer. Then followed some tasting!
There were several different beers to try, and even those of us who didn’t normally like or drink beer found something that we liked
Our  evening was completed with some food brought in by a local Tibetan restaurant.  It was delicious  The party was a big success with our members.



November 18th -Kusudama Flowers

137E48B0-58C6-462C-89F3-286F8B46BA03Catherine Davis came to our meeting to show us how to make origami flowers. She gave us information about suitable paper to use and then led us in the task of folding, super-gluing and assembling the flowers. It was good fun, though there were many members with sticky fingers at the end of the night!

The blooms looked lovely and Catherine gave us lots of ideas as to how they could be used. A great night!

October 2019 – Breast Awareness- know your lemons

Julie Hodgins came to talk to us about breast awareness. Though some of our members were concerned that the focus of the talk would be about cancer and cause alarm, they couldn’t have been more wrong!
the talk was full of positive messages.

Julie talked about the importance of screening and how early detection of problems, makes a big difference to outcomes and survival rates. She also told us how to reduce risk factors.

Her good news messages were that there are very good survival rates following detection of problems and the rates continue to improve.

She described the different pathways for breast imaging, explaining that one pathway is for well women and another for women with problems.

We also had the opportunity to practice detecting breast lumps on her teaching aids! Overall, it was an excellent evening, which included laughter and of course, cake!

September 16th – Circus Skills

What a good evening this was! There was plate spinning, balancing, hoola hooping and all other sorts of activities. There was something for everyone and some members excelled at the hoola hooping!
Fun, laughter and learning new skills with friends! What our WI is all about!

August 2019 – Slack Top Alpine nursery and garden

Alison and Mike Mitchell came to talk to us about their passion for plants and the development of their nursery and business

Some of the plants brought for us to buy

Mike started this about 34 years ago after college, where he studied horticulture. He has built it up gradually with the help of Alison.

He specialises in some varieties of alpine plants including Saxifrages, Hepaticas and Oxalis. They have won gold medals at Harrogate Show and other prestigious awards at places such as the RHS show at Tatton Park.

In 2016 he appeared on Gardner’s World on the BBC and he has lots of visitors to his nursery and garden during the open season. He also does restoration projects from time to time

The talk was accompanied by lovely slides of the plants, the sale of plants to some of our members and a question and answer session.

Handmade Parade


In June we had a workshop for the Handmade parade that we intended to take part in. The theme was chosen and we got to work on creating the constumes and decorations

The day of the parade arrived and a number of members took part. It was a fantastic event and we looked fabulous as the photographs show!


July 2019 – All about tortoises

Male and the larger female who came to visit us

David Bell has had an interest in tortoises since he was a boy. He came, along with his wife Pam to tell us all about them. His talk was absolutely fascinating.

David is a licensed breeder and has years of experience plus the knowledge required (obtained by undertaking an on-line course with the Tortoise Trust), to talk for hours about the husbandry of tortoises.

He undertakes rescue work for the Tortoise Trust and had many stories to tell us about his experiences.

He informed us of many things:

They have existed on our planet longer than dinosaurs! There are 400 different species and all except one are endangered. They have been lost in the past through lack of knowledge and care but with the correct care should live to 100-150 years. Laws were introduced to protect them and they can no longer be imported illegally. All tortoises have to be certificated when they are sold.

They are ruminants and different breeds require different kinds of food. They need large amounts of calcium and over 5 hours of sunlight per day. They lay eggs and the sex of the offspring is determined by the temperature at which the eggs are kept. They can dig and climb and the information relating to their hibernation was fascinating

It was an absolutely wonderful evening and we met 4 of David’s many tortoises. We could have listened for a lot longer and David could probably have continued to tell us stories and facts all evening.

It is easy to understand now why so many of us had tortoises as children who did not survive for very long!

These are 8 years old. They would have been the size of a 10p when they first hatched

May 2019

This was our Annual General Meeting. A new president was chosen and be members were voted onto the committee.

The evening included a quiz and of course some cake!

April – Yorkshire themed Fete

There were a number of categories into which members could enter. These included:

WI Victoria sandwich

Baking with a Yorkshire theme

Crafts and textiles


Decorated Eggs

The talent of the members was on display and the entires were many and varied. There were a variety of gift vouchers as prizes and the winners included Vanessa, Ruth, Jeni, Brenda, Wilma and Val.

Besides the competition there was Burglar Bingo and cake of course. A lovely evening of fun.

March – Music for the Many concert

Our charity of the year is Music for the Many, which is designed to encourage children to learn instruments and make music. Many of the instruments are donated so that children who could otherwise not have access to learning musical instruments are given an opportunity.

The orchestra came to our meeting with their teachers and their leader, in order to show us what they have learned and to express their thanks for our support. They gave us a demonstration of their talents.

There are a lot of children involved and there were many instruments played. They included: clarinet, trumpet, cellos (of which there were 8), keyboard, bassoon, strings, tabla drums, guitar, trombone, recorder, and flute. The children played solos and in ensembles, and there was also some singing.

Many of the childrens’ parents attended and it was a fabulous evening.