What we got up to in March

March got off to a bang with an informative and insightful slide presentation and talk by HBWI member, Sarah Long about mental health issues. This was a well attended meeting with 28 members and 14 visitors.

Sarah started by bravely sharing her own struggles with mental health issues and how it has affected her life.

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Invite: Mindfulness in March

Hi everyone,

This month HBWI member Sarah Long will be teaching us about Mental Health First Aid and mindfulness – with the aid of chocolate! I know Sarah has been working hard on her presentation and I’m sure it’s going to be interesting.

We will also have photographer Sarah Mason at this month’s meeting. She will be taking photographs so we can make a much-needed publicity leaflet. If you don’t want your photograph used in this way, please let Sarah or one of the committee know on the night.

The meeting is on Monday 16th March. As usual, the doors open at 7-ish for a 7.30pm start and guests are welcome to attend for £3.

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Invite: August

This month we’re delighted to welcome BlueBella Fields, who is going to demonstrate vintage hair styles. We’re all going to have a go, so please bring along a mirror, hairbrush and some hair grips. Bluebella will also be bringing along hair flowers and hair scarves to sell, so you might like to bring along some extra cash.

Delicious cake will be provided and there might even be some cheese and crackers if our president remembers it but please bring your own mug as we don’t have many.

If you’ve not been before, Hebden Bridge WI is a diverse, lively group of women of all colours, ages and sexualities and we’d love to welcome you. This month’s meeting is on Monday 18th August at Hebden Bridge Town Hall. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start and it’s £5 on the door for visitors.

Measuring Up

Jo Harris shows us how to measure correctly

We’ve had a shock at the Hebden Bridge WI.  Jo Harris was a fabulous speaker and her revelations on the sizing secrets of the fashion industry were fascinating, but the part where we got out the measuring tapes and compared our bodies to the British standards… well, there was uproar.  The majority of us were a considerably bigger size than we liked to think.

Those smiles didn’t last long

Jo warned us we’d be surprised.  She’s spent many years lecturing in fashion and then costume at the University of Huddersfield, so she’s seen it all before with her students.  We just weren’t prepared for a fundamental element of our identity, our dress size, to be dissected so thoroughly.  Whether small, large or perfectly average my female friends have a constant level of awareness about their bodies which informs so much about their life from their health to what clothes they’re going to thrown on.  The members of Hebden Bridge WI had to scrutinise this vital element and now we’re feeling a little fragile.

Given a bit of time maybe we’ll get together and work out our average size.  We’ll leave it for a bit though as we’re currently busy seeking a place called denial.

Written and posted by Amy

July Meeting Update

We had a fabulous tutorial from Debbie and Amy of Zeitgeist Hair on how to achieve a gorgeous vintage look, and then Chrissie from Hat Therapy let us try on her beautifully crafted hats. Once again the talented Sarah Mason documented our gorgeous gaggle of gigglers as we attempted to achieve the perfect victory roll…

And here’s a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots by Alison Bartram and Vanessa Kay:

And by jove, I think we’ve done it! Well done ladies – not only did you look great, but you survived the hairspray fog!

The next meeting will take place on Monday 15th August.  The meeting starts at 7.30pm, so please come before then to grab a seat and have a chat with the person next to you. As usual we ask that visitors and new members come early to sort out paperwork and payments. Sarah Mason from Zebra Photography will be giving us a workshop in how to take a good photograph, so please bring a digital camera of some description… your camera phone will do.  We’re also hoping Chrissie will be able to pop in again and show everyone how to do interesting headscarf stylings!

Here are few other quick reminders:

  • Over the next few months we will be collecting toiletry items for local women’s charities, and then in December we will get together to collate and wrap them. Each month will have a theme and in August we’re asking for a toothbrush and toothpaste. 
  • We’re always looking for bakers and cleaners to help out at meetings. Please visit the cake and cleanup rotas to sign up.
  • If you’re interested in participating in The Big Knit, please bring your little knitted and crocheted hats to the next few meetings and we’ll send them off in October. If you haven’t heard, it’s a lovely way to raise money for AGE UK.
  • The Book Group is next meeting on August 22nd at Bar Place. Come along or get in touch with Jen Kaines if you have questions.
  • The next Rag Market will take place on November 6th at the Masonic Hall in Hebden Bridge. We’re looking for stall ideas and volunteers!
  • Don’t forget about Helen Baron’s fabulous Clothes Swishing Rail! Donate unwanted clothing and accessories, and buy whatever you like for £1. There have been some fabulous finds on there, and it’s a great way to raise money for future events. Bring your clothes and hangers into the next meeting, or drop them in to Ribbon Circus.
  • Don’t forget to keep up to date with other WI events and activities nearby by checking the federation and national blogs regularly. If you’d like to receive a monthly newsletter as well, which has all of the local activities and ticket information, it’s only 29p per issue. Talk to Secretary Isla or Treasurer Caroline at the next meeting.
  • One last niggly nag – we daintily request a £1 donation per meeting for refreshments. You’ll get a warming cup of tea or coffee as well as a piece or two of cake, and we’ll continue raising funds to pay for our venue! 

Hugs and xxxx

Written and posted by Erin