Domestic Abuse. July 2017

Angela Everson from Calderdale and Kirklees Womens’ Centre came to talk to us.  We have supported the Womens’ Centre in the past, and it was interesting to learn more about the work carried out in Calderdale, Huddersfield and Dewsbury

Angela told us that the centre in Calderdale started 32 years ago but combined with Kirklees about 8 years ago.  The work undertaken is slightly different in each area but predominantly they support women and families, children and young people in a variety of ways.

They work with male and female victims of abuse predominantly, but  also undertake some work with the perpetrators of domestic abuse in some situations.

The work is varied.  It includes one to one work and also group sessions.  There are opportunities for women to have counselling and therapy.  There are sessions to help women with skills, practical work, and to build self esteem and confidence.

Angela told us about the strategic work that is vital and how the Womens’ Centre works with other groups in consortium, how it is funded and how volunteers play an essential role.

It was a very informative session.


December & January

December’s meeting was our annual Christmas party and we had such a good time that not a single person remembered to take any photos! We all brought delicious food to share as well as donations for our local foodbank in Todmorden.  Alison Bartram, HBWI member and owner of The Heart Gallery, kindly organised and led several fun quizzes, including Dingbats, which many of us hadn’t played before. It’s always good to have a purely social meeting; they’re a pleasant contrast to the more structured meetings with speakers or activities.

After the excesses of Christmas, January’s meeting was appropriately themed around ‘thrift’. TV presenter and blogger, Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves from Archie & The Rug gave an entertaining talk on the subject.

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Fun With Fungi

Jesper Launder came to our October meeting laden with freshly picked fungi and invited us in to the magical world of the mushroom.

Jesper is a medicinal herbalist by trade and his scientific explanation of the different kinds of mushroom was beautifully balanced with his superb storytelling skills.  He transported us around the world in a time machine by telling us stories of how mushrooms have been used for a multitude of purposes including lighting fires, sharpening knives, and antiseptic. It was utterly fascinating.

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The Human Fruit Machine

The perfect day for a fun day at Salem Fields Archery Club

The committee had an idea at the last meeting to get a human fruit machine to take to all the fetes we’re asked to attend.  Although we’ve got a healthy membership in the Hebden Bridge WI, we don’t want to constantly ask them to make jam, chutneys and cakes, but at the same time we don’t want to say no to the community events that take place around Hebden Bridge.

The whole committee agreed a human fruit machine sounded like a top idea and Maxine, one of our talented members, offered to knock one up for us in her spare time!  The machine had its inaugural outing this weekend and we had a constant flow of excited participants.  We raised £150 for Living Well, a charity in Todmorden that supports women with cancer.  We’re pretty pleased with our work.

A humongous thanks goes out to Maxine for her talent, time and energy.  We are so lucky to have a passionate group of gals who dedicate their time to take part in weird and wonderful things, thanks all.

Can you tell what it is yet?
Up and away
Says it all
And we’re off…
Magnificent Maxine
We raised £150 for Living Well
There wasn’t even time for a ukulele sing-a-long


Written and posted by Amy

Hebden Bridge All The Way

In the summer we were asked by the Hebden Bridge Junior Band to knit scarves to go with their new winter cloaks and hats, and so off we went…

Armed with one of their fabric badges we headed off to Jacksons of Hebden Bridge, who kindly donated the wool, and colour matched the scarves to the rest of the uniform.  We used the request as an opportunity to hold a skill swap at our September meeting.  With a gang of talented crafters who willingly shared their knowledge and patiently guided the novices through their first knitting steps we handed over a pile of completed scarves to the junior band last week.  We can’t wait to catch the band’s next gig.

Written and posted by Amy

Community All The Way

Bridget and Ness serve happy customers

A big thank you to the crack team of tea makers and cake bakers who recently helped out at the community fair at The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge.  It was a day to celebrate all the fabulous community groups in the town and we were proud to be part of it.  We also managed to raise over £100 for Overgate Hospice, our charity of the year.

Cakes courtesy of members Ruth Ainscough and Lynne Burns.
Our members will craft any where, any time, any how.


Written and posted by Amy