June 2018 – Flamenco

Patricia Skeet gave us a fantastic insight into Flamenco. 


She told us about its origins in Spain and how it has remained an important art form. Her explanation of the art – the singing, hand clapping, music and dance – was really interesting. She showed us some lovely old film footage of the Guitanos and also some film of modern day flamenco/ ballet fusion.

Patricia demonstrated flamenco dancing to us and then explained the clothing and shoes worn by men and women. She explained the differences in the male and female hand movements and the importance of the gestures and skirt movements used

She encouraged us to dress in some of the clothes that she brought and then, of course, showed us some movements which we put to music.  There was a lot of foot stamping and clapping which made it sound fantastic.



December 18th – A crafty Christmas Party

We had a fantastic night of festive fun.  Most of us made a good effort to look festive and Julia Ogden led the crafting by showing us how to make lovely paper stars and a whole host of other things

Our Christmas hamper raffle was drawn and won by Vanessa Kay. The  funds raised from the raffle are for our charity

We had outside caterers who provided a fantastic Thai buffet for us  and we all left the meeting feeling very full of Christmas cheer

Annual General Meeting – May 2017- 100 years of WI

The AGM was not all business!  We started off the proceedings with a game – What’s in your handbag  We each were given a list of items which scored points, and the person with the most points won the prize  the listed items included the basics such as lipsticks and train tickets but also had items such as Swiss Army knives!

We had a review of the previous year and a review of the accounts.  Helena Harrington from West Yorkshire Federation was in attendance.

We had a very interesting talk entitled ‘100 years of WI’ given by Gill Brown.  It was full of interesting facts and photographs telling us the history of the WI.  Gill informed us about the most influential women, why the WI started and how it had had a big revival in recent years.

She told us about how the groups differ to suit the community of women that attend and informed us that there are WI groups in some prisons.  However the groups differ , the focus of each group is around having fun, meeting people, gaining new skills and new experiences.

The evening ended with new members being voted onto our committee and the usual beverages and cake.


Invite: 5th Birthday Party!

Hi everyone,

This newsletter is a bit long, I apologise in advance but there’s loads going on this month.

Firstly, it’s our 5th birthday party this month and our Social Secretary, Karen Cunningham has been hard at work planning a fabulous Bake-Off party.

So please come along on Monday 21st March for canapés, cakes and culinary quizzes. We’re inviting guests from local WI’s and it should be a fun evening of relaxed socialising. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start and guests are welcome for £4.

We’ll be selling the cakes at the end to raise money for our charity of the year, so please bring some extra cash.

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December & January

December’s meeting was our annual Christmas party and we had such a good time that not a single person remembered to take any photos! We all brought delicious food to share as well as donations for our local foodbank in Todmorden.  Alison Bartram, HBWI member and owner of The Heart Gallery, kindly organised and led several fun quizzes, including Dingbats, which many of us hadn’t played before. It’s always good to have a purely social meeting; they’re a pleasant contrast to the more structured meetings with speakers or activities.

After the excesses of Christmas, January’s meeting was appropriately themed around ‘thrift’. TV presenter and blogger, Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves from Archie & The Rug gave an entertaining talk on the subject.

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Strawberries and fizz

July is when we indulge ourselves with strawberries and fizz at our summer party.

Unfortunately some of these photos are a little blurry but hey, that’s just what happens when our president drinks several cups of cava in quick succession!

A fantastic selection of food was brought by members and there were bottles and bottles of delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic fizz and 20 punnets of strawberries from Holts, our lovely local greengrocer.

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Playing games

Hannah Merriman talks the group through the ideas for the evening

We’re so lucky at the Hebden Bridge WI to be in a town full of creative and talented folk.  The group unashamedly uses it to its utmost advantage and with a bucket full of cheek we ask people to come and play with us… and this month we meant it literally.

Hannah takes us on a journey through games and play

When we originally booked Hannah Merriman for our April session we asked for an evening of after dinner games.  On the night, however, it morphed in to a meeting playing around.  The subsequent laughter and screams could quite possibly be heard through the streets as giggling turned into uncontrolled belly laughter as the evening drew on.

Hannah co-ordinates the amazing Handmade Parade as well as facilitating clowning workshops.  She’s a marvel and we knew she’d deliver and top class night for the WI gang.  We weren’t wrong.

Ghost is played in the dark

Starting with a few warm up games to get us relaxed we were soon catapulted into a game of Ghost and ended up with Desserts and the After Eight Game.  It’s impossible to describe these games, if you want a go, invite Hannah round for some fun.

Fliss in full flow in the After Eight Game

And we have to end like this…

Written and posted by Amy